Most Popular Diet Regimens In 2017


There are many diet regimens out there. Maybe even thousands of weight loss eating plans, but not all of it are healthy or safe to follow. There are also diet regimens to put on some weight, decrease bad cholesterol, prolonging life, and more. It’s not called “diet.” It is an eating lifestyle.

What constitutes a “popular” diet regimen? From an online source, a simplified diet regimen has these three things – its popularity over the net regarding online articles, how famous it is among people, and feedback of people following the regimen.


Atkins Diet

In Atkins, the whole approach is to limit the insulin levels of the body by consuming a low-carb diet. Carbohydrates, if over absorbed, can spike blood sugar levels to an unhealthy state. Fat arising from it will not be utilized as an energy source. Anyway, carbs are controlled, but protein and healthy fats are good to eat. Ask your doctor first if you’re able to handle Atkins Diet.


Zone Diet

Zone diet is all about a balance of nutrients. The whole meal is composed of 40% carbs (mostly unrefined and high quality), 30% fats (nuts, olive oil, and avocado are recommended), and 30% lean protein. It is also about regulating blood sugar levels, and the whole point is to shed off excess weight efficiently.


Ketogenic Diet

At first, Ketogenic diet was available for treating patients with epilepsy. Today, it is a popular diet program for those who want to lose weight by minimizing carbs and adding more of healthy fats in the diet. It may sound weird, right? Why eat fatty foods? Well, consumption of healthy fatty foods can cause a state called “ketosis.” It can improve a person’s metabolism and change one’s body structure. Aside from that, it is useful in managing diabetes and can help in losing weight.


Vegetarian Diet/Vegan Diet

Vegetarian is not vegan. While these two have their similarities, there are also significant differences.

Most people who follow vegetarian and vegan diets don’t eat animal-derived foods like eggs, milk, dairy and the likes. Vegetarians are also categorized as lacto (they don’t eat dairy), fruitarian (mostly fruits, nuts and seeds), lacto-ovo (they eat eggs and dairy products), living food (they eat fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, algae and the likes – raw foods), ovo (they eat eggs), pesco (they eat fish and seafood), and semi-vegetarian (they eat some meat, fish, shellfish, but mostly veggies).

Vegan is more like a way of living and not a diet regimen. Their belief extends up to the environment. They have their principles regarding harming living things (animals), and they’re into green living.

Vegetarians and vegans prove to be healthier, physically and mentally, compared to meat eaters.


Weight Watchers Diet

The name itself explicitly says – the diet will be “watching your weight.” Weight Watchers is all about losing excess pounds by eating right, exercising, and a community of people for moral support. It was developed and co-founded by a stay-at-home mom back sixties, Jean Nidetch. The reason why she formulated all these was, at that time, a personal choice. She lost weight and didn’t want to put it back on. The network extends worldwide and can be done through physical meet-ups or online. They offer endless support and knowledge about food, eating, losing weight, exercise and many more.

7 Essential Foods For Runners


There are at least ten foods that runners need to eat which can help with their energy, fast recovery and overall well-being. As a runner, it is important to eat foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, lean protein, healthy fatty acids, and whole grains. Eating junk is not an option. It is a must to consume only the freshest and healthiest foods in the market.


Wild Salmon


Most Americans don’t eat a lot of foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. What they don’t know is that Omega-3 fatty acids can increase heart function and regulate the proper flow of the nervous system. It also improves the way a person moves while he exercises. The heart will pump blood rightfully after each contraction due to fish oil, according to the European Journal of Applied Physiology.




Another food that is boasting of antioxidants is freshly picked cherries. This doesn’t include the sugared and syrup kind being sold at the grocery, ok? Cherries are filled with anthocyanins and it prevents the development of cancer tumors. A study done on athletes during a rowing competition proved that cherry juice can eliminate muscle pains and prevent loss of body power. A strength test was done.




This food is not called a “superfood” for nothing. It is the cabbage’s sister, but it appears that kale is more nutritious than its sister. Packed with Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Iron, Calcium and antioxidants, this leafy green veggie is an anti-inflammatory food, as well. It helps the muscle control the swelling and averts further muscle injury.

Skim Milk


As they say, no one is too old to drink milk. And that’s so true! It is filled with healthy carbs and proteins that assists in muscle healing. After a workout or a run, drink skim milk. The carbs and protein combination in skim milk will start the muscle repair and keep the person feeling great, overall. You can try chocolate skim milk – it’s a popular choice.




Before you go to the gym for a workout session or as a pre-run snack, banana is one of the best foods to eat. Can you believe that this food has no fat? Yes, it has ZERO FAT, some healthy carbs and a gram of protein. It is also packed with Potassium – a nutrient that lowers blood pressure and eliminates feelings of stress and anxiety.




If you don’t like the fresh version of soybeans, you can always snack on edamame, tofu or drink it – try soy milk! You will find that this superfood is “everywhere” from soy burgers to soy burritos and soy supplements. The reason why it’s on this list is that soya can hinder the progress of bad cholesterol, lessen the effects of menopause and prevent osteoporosis. It also has phytoestrogens, a very powerful antioxidant. If you want your leg muscle tissues to heal fast, eat soy after your run.


Rolled Oats


A runner is required to eat a good amount of carbohydrates because they need it to fuel their run. As a matter of fact, experts agree that 60% of a runner’s daily calorie intake must be allotted to good carbohydrates. And what is good carbs? One of the examples for that is rolled oats. It is high in fiber and low in glycemic index. An athlete’s stamina and performance is believed to be longer and better due to rolled oats.




These are just seven foods that most runners agree on as the “essentials”. Speaking of “essentials”, it is also important to take care of your mental health. The more you run and exhaust your physical being, the mind is also feeling all the stress, anxiety and fatigue. It needs to be “rejuvenated” and one way to do so is by speaking with a counselor through stranger chat sessions. The sessions are confidential and discreet if you go to this site. They have certified specialists to talk to you about your health concerns.

Running For A Cause

Love the idea of running for a cause? You aren’t alone. There are millions who want to go out there, take part in charity races and events, and raise a lot of money for good causes. It’s something that really inspires people and it’s something that can help you too. However, if you are a bit skeptical of taking part in charitable races you should note you aren’t alone. There are many like you who are a bit embarrassed in taking part in major events but once you overcome your fears you can enjoy it so much. So, why should you run for a cause and can it really help you as well as others?


Raising Money for Good Causes

One of the very best things about running for a cause is that you have the chance to raise a lot of money for those in need. For instance, you can take on a small marathon for cancer research and get people to sponsor your efforts. This helps you stay in shape but also helps to raise awareness for the good cause and help raise money too. If you want to take part, you should and you can raise so much as well. This is one of the biggest reasons as to why more and more people are running for a cause.

You Feel More Positive About Life

If you have been affected by illness and want to run for a good cause, you can feel more inspired and positive about your life. This can be such a wonderful way to say thanks and really make you positive about everything and that’s amazing. What is more, you can be an inspirational figure for others who want to get involved in good causes. Today is the day to give involved. view more here!

It Can Keep You Fit and Healthy

When you’re out of shape and a bit lazy you can find your life is leading down a dangerous road and there is nothing better than getting out there and doing something you enjoy. Running for a cause can be such a wonderful way to take back control of your life and become fitter and healthier. When you are in better shape you have the opportunity to prolong your life and feel much more positive about things in general. This is why there are now more and more people running for a cause and you can stay in shape too which is fantastic. Being less lazy can ensure you keep the pounds off and keep your mind in good condition as well. see the latest info coming from


Run For a Good Cause

For most, they don’t really think too much about running for a cause and yet it can be an excellent way to give back something. You will find running is a great feeling and even though you might not be in excellent shape you will get there eventually! Running for a cause can be wonderful and something you should consider as well. Why not see what running for a good cause can do to your life and those around you too.

Why Am I Still Not Losing Weight?


There is a never-ending debate as to what type of diet will really give you that slim and slender body, toned abs and a consistent weight. From millions and millions of successful weight loss stories, different slimming products available in the market to a variety of fad diets, all of these inspire us to try and follow the same. However, our eagerness at the start of the weight loss regimen can sometimes lead us to more side effects rather gaining its advantage. Some of us suffer from a fluctuating yo-yo effect when it comes to weight management. We begin an exercise program, stick to it for a month, gets tired of doing it, then goes back to our usual activities again. This is because of the inconsistent approach and the steps that we are taking are all too hasty. Instead of a one-time-big-time kind of weight loss, it would be best to plan a diet and exercise program that will suit your lifestyle. Remember, you can not achieve the beautiful body that you’ve been dreaming in a month session of going to the gym. It takes a lot more than sweating it out.

Count the Calories

The most important factor to consider when it comes to successfully planning a weight loss management program is considering foods that you like and the activities that you enjoy. Ask yourself if there are ways for you to modify the diet that you currently take. A lot of us are so enticed with cakes, ice cream, sweets and fried food. Vegetables and fruits are always the last on our list. We don’t mind our food intake especially if we are in celebrations or feeling stressed. We consider food as our comfort zone and by eating, we are easily satisfied thus making us more relaxed and happy. We keep on doing this until it becomes a routine already, notwithstanding the reality that we are already gaining weight.


Most of these choices are the culprit for a fast weight gain. The general and acceptable rule is NO STARVING! You do not need to deprive yourself of eating these foods you enjoy. You can probably eat these types of foods during your cheat day like once every week if you have been consistent the entire week with your diet and exercise. Another thing which is much better to practice is substituting your favorite food to healthier options such as using quinoa or cauliflower instead of rice, drinking lots of water before a meal, eating yogurt ice cream or vegan ice cream and cake, low-calorie meals. Add flax seeds or chia seeds to your yogurt. Nowadays, healthier and palatable choices are available in the market.

Move around

Another difficult and excruciating challenge is squeezing in exercises to your daily routine. The most common excuse we hear especially from working people is not having enough energy to do so. When it comes to exercise, a daily, consistent routine is very important. A 15-minute or 30-minute workout will already be very helpful to your health. Pick activities that you enjoy so you can still have fun while exercising such as biking or swimming. Another good thing to try is to check out fitness apps that you can download on your phone. These are cool apps that can guide you achieve a workout in the privacy of your home if you are ashamed of going to the gym.

Get some zees

Getting adequate sleep is another important key to achieving optimal health and wellness state. If you are able to get at least 8 hours of sleep a day and take power naps in between work you are investing in good health. Having a consistent routine when it comes to maintaining a good sleep pattern is also important.


The New Diet Trend: Ketogenic Diet


Everywhere you look, a fit and fab body is a guaranteed head turner and we all know that diet plays an integral part to achieve that. Lately, more and more fitness enthusiasts are discovering the benefits of the Ketogenic Diet. This is not a new concept since a lot of celebrities were making a buzz about it a few years ago. People are becoming more curious to try it and discover its benefits. Here are some of the basic things you need to know if you are planning to try and incorporate the Ketogenic Diet.

Ketogenic Diet or sometimes called Keto Diet is basically a low-carbohydrate and high-fat diet. This pushes the liver to produce ketones which will be used as energy. It also involves the process known as ketosis which is a natural process that the body initiates to help us survive when our food intake is low. The insulin levels drop and that promotes fat burning.


Let’s talk about Ketogenic Diet benefits.

Of course, one of the sought after effects of Ketogenic Diet is weight loss. It also lowers down blood sugar level and that is why it is recommended for patients with Type 2 Diabetes mellitus. It is also believed to enhance mental functioning. This diet improves focus and concentration because the brain then avoids blood sugar spikes which make the body sluggish and drowsy. It is also very good for the skin as it reduces inflammation.

However, every pro has its cons. Ketogenic Diet may lead to constipation. This is due to dehydration. That is why it is highly encouraged to drink lots of water while on this diet. It can also cause cramping brought about by low levels of minerals in your body. In the beginning, reduced focus and low performance are expected as your body adjusts to this new diet regimen.

A ketogenic diet is comprised of low carbohydrates so you are instructed to avoid grains and fruits. You are encouraged to increase intake of fatty foods such as meats and vegetables. It is also advised to fast at some point and eliminate snack meals. Incorporate exercise and drink lots of water – this completes the Keto diet.

How do you know if your Ketogenic Diet is working?

There are signs and symptoms that you can observe. Funny as it may seem but bad breath is one of them. This is called “acetone breath”. Once ketones are produced in your body, it is partially excreted in your breath. You can also observe increased urination and increased thirst.

A ketogenic diet, like other types of diet, must be thoroughly evaluated and tested according to your personal health needs and fitness goals. Should you need more information and education regarding this, it would be best to discuss this with your specialist or contact a therapist near you. He can provide you information if the Ketogenic diet suits you or at least, they can offer alternatives.


Good Food Good Mood


It had been said that eating satisfying food can improve the mood of a person. The choices that we make when it comes to food affect the chemical reactions inside our body. There are some women who claim that if they have their per-menstrual syndrome they are craving so much food, more commonly sweets, delicacies, and chocolates. Ice cream makes people feel better. For healthier options, what should we grab and toss in our grocery bag?

Here are some of the list of food items that can spare you from anger issues because one is “hangry” or angry because you are hungry.

Go natural

Basically, processed foods should be avoided. It is no longer a surprise that fruits and vegetables should be on top of your list because it contains antioxidants which lower your risk in developing depression. For example, citrus fruits such as orange and lemon as well as dark green leafy vegetables affect the neurotransmitters that impact mood. If you are tired of cooking vegetable meals and eating fresh green salads, you can try mixing fruits and vegetables and make smoothies.

Chocoholic is good!

Chocolates, especially dark chocolates which are healthier, came as no surprise as well. It reduces cortisol levels in the body which is the chemical responsible for stress. In return, it increases endorphins which are responsible for a more positive and happy outlook. Cacao fruit where the chocolate came from is also a healthy choice. It can even be available in the form of cacao nibs. Not only it is flavorful but happiness in the tongue spreads all over your body.


Do not skip meals

Most people get cranky and moody when they are hungry. Having a regular schedule when it comes to meals and knowing your body will be helpful. Take small frequent meals or if you are living a busy lifestyle and have hectic schedules; make it a point that you have light snacks that come in handy such as crackers in your pocket or candy. In that way, you will not be hypoglycemic, avoid a headache and being moody.

On the dot

Most of the people get cranky and moody when they are hungry. Having a regular schedule when it comes to meals and knowing your body will be helpful. Take small frequent meals or if you are living a busy lifestyle and have hectic schedules, make it a point that you have light snacks that come in handy such as crackers in your pocket or candy. In that way, you will not be hypoglycemic, avoid a headache and being moody.

Take vitamins or supplements

Studies have shown that Vitamin D improves the mood of the person. That is why when it is gloomy, some people get depressed when they are not exposed to the sun. Of course, seasons like winter or autumn have less sunny days. In addition, fish oil from fish also improves our state mind because it contains Omega 3. Salmon is a good choice as it contains high sources of Omega 3.


It is no wonder health care professionals are instructing or recommending food and diet modification in fighting psychological problems such as depression and anxiety. This is because food choices have a great influence in our mental wellness; and when being sick and not physically healthy or constantly exhausted affects the mood of a person. Plan your meals that can help you feel better. So the next time you walk through the grocery aisles, make sure that you are choosing well because good food equals good mood.


Run The Talk: Here’s A New Way Of How Therapists Could Help

The most common type of therapy that people undergo is psychotherapy, which happens through a sit-down talk. It’s a one-on-one session wherein patients get the chance to express all their feelings, and they are also able to get advice from therapists. It is a proven way to take care of people’s mental health. A good therapist could help in problem-solving, stress coping, anger management, and behavioral changes.


While talk therapy has its own set of benefits, some patients feel skeptical about its effects. Eye contact is tough to maintain especially when the patients are not that comfortable to sit in a room with just one person, and all they have to do is talk about the patients’ problems. Sometimes, patients feel uneasy and ashamed. It’s difficult to build a connection and an atmosphere of trust because some patients feel pressured to speak up.

To deal with these inhibitions of patients regarding talk therapy, therapists have found various ways of integrating it into an activity which may be more enjoyable than merely discussing. A starting point here is for therapists to know their patients’ interests and hobbies. They look into those activities and see where talk therapy could be added to the picture.

How Does Running Help The Mind?


One of the most popular hobbies is engaging in sports, mainly running. On its own, running already provides various mental health benefits to people. Running has been proven to reduce the symptoms of clinical depression. It allows the body and the mind to relax, freeing it from the dangers of anxiety. People get better sleep and see fewer symptoms of insomnia.

Especially for those with a drug problem, running helps counter its adverse effects by normalizing the body’s functioning. Drugs disrupt the body’s production of dopamine and serotonin– the body’s happy hormones which trigger feelings of joy. Running, on the other hand, revitalizes the production of these hormones and other neurotransmitters.

Why Talk And Run At The Same Time?

Combining running with talk therapy, therefore, gives the patients the best of both worlds. According to therapists, patients prefer this type of therapy because it removes them from the awkwardness of monotonous talk therapy.

By integrating talk with running, therapists can build more cordial relationships when they run with patients because they appear more like a friend, instead of people who know better about mental health. While on the process, patients don’t feel pressured to speak up and they no longer feel ashamed of their feelings because the whole running experience ceases to appear like a typical therapy session; instead, it becomes a time well-spent with a friend.

During the run-and-talk therapies, patients become more comfortable to share their feelings because they are in their comfort zones. Therapists who do this with their patients say that while running, they can touch even more topics of discussion compared to when they merely sit down. This way, therapists can know more about their patients. They can understand better where their patients are coming from and from there; they are more equipped to give constructive advice.


Lastly, the running and talking sessions allow patients to get in touch with nature. This experience has been proven to lift mood, calm the patients’ minds, and regulate their heartbeats and breathing. While they run, they get to see the bigger world around them too, which brings in various realizations for patients.

There are countless ways by which therapists could reach out to their patients, and the run-and-talk session is only one of them. A good starting point for this is getting in contact with therapists first, which may be via online means such as through BetterHelp. Once patients have gotten in touch with their therapists, it becomes easier to start out these all-new therapy sessions.

Why Walk, When You Can Run?

Have you ever thought about getting into shape? For most, they dislike the idea of what comes after that because it’s usually hard work and lot of effort on your part. It’s not so much that people don’t want to become healthier and fitter but rather they dislike the idea of the time and effort it’ll take. You cannot blame people for choosing the simplest option, walking seems far easier and less strenuous than running. However, running might just provide the best way forward for your health and the fitness help you need.


Why Walk When You Can Run?

Starting off with a short 10 or 15-minute walk can be excellent and it’s the way to warm-up the body and gets used to the exercise. However, running can often bring about more positives. You are using your legs more and working the cardio fully so you can improve this as you run. Walking is good but running is a bit better! What’s more, you can improve your legs and the muscles there—and you even have the ability to cut your walking time down too. You can get to where you need to be faster and you stay in shape—there’s no better option!

Should You Start Running When you’ve been Inactive For So Long?

To be honest, running takes a lot out of you and when you haven’t done anything like this in a while it can be a little overwhelming at first. However, you need to ensure you warm your body up sufficiently in order to see the results. For instance, if you plan on running to work or to the local shops and back, you need to stretch your muscles. This will ensure you don’t tweak a hamstring and prevent muscles going into spasm. Secondly, you need to walk for the first few minutes so that you warm the leg muscles up before breaking into a soft run. There’s no need to go on a full thirty mile an hour blast but rather an easy sprint. This will be far more effective.

Can Running Get Your Body Into Shape?

Once your body gets used to the exercise and you continue to run on a daily or regular basis, the body can see a lot of improvements. For example, your legs are less tired when walking after a few weeks and are able to last longer. Instead of being out of breath walking up a flight of stairs or to the local shop five minutes away, they are stronger. What’s more, there is every opportunity for you to lose a little weight. Since you are running, you’re burning off fat and that can help with the weight loss regime too. However, if you do want to lose weight you have to eat sensibly so that you actually see an improvement. get the full report from


Get Into Shape and Make Your Body Stronger

Everyone seems to think running is boring and that after a little while they’ll give up. However, running can be fun and very effective. You can use an MP3 player to cheer you on as you run and you fit it in around your commitments so it’s a more convenient exercise option. Walking is good, but why walk when you can run? You have the ability to get more exercise and become a better person physically too.


20 Days No Sugar Diet


I read from several articles over the internet a health challenge – no eating for sugar for 20 days! This program can be challenging since many people are certified lovers of sweet foods. As for me, all the viands I cook, there has to be a dash of brown sugar in it. So, how can you and I survive 20 days without sugar sweetness?

Anyway, if I wanted to make a change in my physical health, I had to do this. And so, I did with a few “tips and tricks” up my sleeve.

The two most important rules of all about sugar consumption:

  1. Consumption of refined sugars is prohibited. Refined sugars are brown sugar, corn syrup, and the likes.
  2. There should be no eating of artificial sweeteners like Splenda and Stevia, among others.


Spotting sugars in your meal

It’s easy as pie – read the food labels! By doing that, you will be able to read if the food you’re buying contains refined sugars or artificial sweeteners. How to know if that “ingredient” you’re reading is sugar? Here are some of its names:

  • Fructose
  • Cane juice
  • Caramel
  • Glucose
  • Rice syrup
  • Sucrose
  • Maltose
  • Panocha
  • Dextrin
  • Barley malt

Sugar has at least 60 names that you can read, right here.


Does this mean that I can’t eat any natural sweet food?

The answer is no. You are allowed to eat naturally sweet foods like yogurt, fruits, and veggies. But of course, you need to eat these foods in their proper serving size and moderation, as well.

All you need is 20 days of abstaining from these “fake” foods, and after that, you will be the one saying NO to it. The challenge is good for 20 days, not even three weeks! You can do it!


The reasons for this challenge – why abstain from refined sugars and artificial sweeteners?

  1. The less sugar you eat, the more concentrated and invigorated you are. In a way, sugar slows the body and mind from functioning. It doesn’t do much good to you especially when eaten in large amounts.
  2. It will surely trim down your belly and waist. If you notice, overeating sugary foods will make your tummy bigger that’s because added sugars turn into fats. You don’t want that.
  3. When you skimp on sugar, you also skimp on fat and mental-health related issues like depression. Consumption of too much sugar can have that effect.
  4. Sugar, when added to different foods, can make it very delicious. When food is delicious, the tendency is that people overeat. It also means overeating in sugar and overconsumption of calories. Yes, high-calorie intake!
  5. As you go ahead with lessening your sugar consumption, your taste buds will change. You’ll find that natural foods are tasty as well and you’ll learn to appreciate it.


How to do it?

You have to master your self-discipline, self-control, and determination. Avoid eating added sugars and if you can, stay away from processed foods, as well. It has lots of refined sugars in it. It means no soft drinks even the no-sugar kind, no fruit drinks, no cookies and candies, and the likes. Just make your natural breakfast food like fruit smoothies and oats with berries, grilled chicken on whole wheat bread for lunch and tuna and romaine salad for dinner.

Staying Active As A Family


I’ve been training for years to run 10k next month, and I know how difficult it is to juggle having an active lifestyle and family life. Fitness seems to sound like it’s a distraction to family time. However, I have actually learned to do that, and in fact able to encourage my wife and kids to stay active with me as well.

Running is a physical activity that your whole family can take part in. Unlike baseball, badminton, or swimming, running can fit any level or ability. And take it from me – it does work for families with kids of any age and background. I’m sure you’ve heard of more stories like mine of how exercise, such as running and other physical activities, has helped improve the relationship of parents and children in every aspect. It strengthens the bond between partners, enhances the cognitive function, which is especially important for the kids, and it ultimately helps improve the overall health of the family.

In conjunction with running and different types of exercise, there are also other equally important things you can do to maintain or improve your family’s well-being.


  • Consider Nutrition. Research about what’s healthy and unhealthy for everyone. To make it more fun and enriching, include your children in the preparation of meals and snacks. This is so that they can learn about the relationship between eating healthy and staying active, which may motivate them to eat more vegetables and other superfoods. If they’re initially not into the greens, throw some in the sauces or soups so they won’t notice.






  • Encourage The Children To Use Their Energy Positively. Outdoor activities reduce stress and anxiety and enhance concentration. Endorphins are especially abundant in energetic kids, and it would be great if they know how to channel these endorphins into a positive and healthy outlet, which is exercise. You and your partner do have these endorphins too, and if you run or exercise with her and the kids, then it only means a happier and healthier family.




  • Get Your Family Excited About Running. Not all kids are that easy to convince that exercise is an awesome way to be fun. If yours are among the difficult ones to persuade, perhaps you can try and disguise the exercise as a game that doesn’t necessarily take much effort to do, that it’s not a chore. Go to the park, for starters. Divide yourselves into two teams, one kid for each you and your wife. The rule is to find a route that will take you to the carnival or the movie theater via running, jogging, or walking. The team to arrive first wins, and gets a pass to the snacks and movies!




  • Incorporate Health Into Their Gadgets. Nowadays, people, including parents like us, can’t live without technology. Kids particularly are becoming less interested in going outdoors and joining physical activities either with friends or family. However, as parents, we must find a compromise, and we can find that in children’s apps that are great at getting them to run, dance, or walk – whatever healthy movements one can think of. The Nike mobile app is an example of a program that is geared toward helping families run together and record each of the member’s speed. The program has proven itself beneficial, and teenagers have been tracking their progress and excited to run not only to stay fit but to receive special gifts from Nike.




  • Set Short-Term And Long-Term Goals. You can set the short-term goal to be something that the kids want to have or go over the weekend, like an overnight stay at their cousins’ or that new pair of sneakers. Set it so that they can run at least three or four times during the week at a given speed. The long-term goal would be nice if it were something that the whole family can do, such as an interstate vacation when school ends. The motivation and interests peaks when aiming for goals that everybody will love.



Join Free Weekly Runs. You have trained together as a family, and assuming you’ve been doing well, a free weekly run organized by the community would make a wonderful experience. Weekly runs are usually less than 5 kilometers, and the rules are not at all rigid. You can jog or walk when you’re exhausted, and you can even stop if you think you can’t make a finish. You can start your family from there, and then go for the bigger runs after a few months. Go for the 10K or the marathon – go for it together.



Making it to the finish line is such as amazing achievement, but so does losing weight through family dances or workouts, and lifestyle modification for everybody. All this shows off the determination, patience, and teamwork that have helped your family accomplish the goal, which is to improve the family’s well-being by staying active.