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There are many nations in which training during winter is quite enjoyable. However, there are other nations such as South Africa or Australia where training during winter can be very tedious.

Running in the snow during the winter especially when it is freezing cold and there is a lot of snow can be very challenging. When depressed from your inability to run in the snow, you do not need the services of a depression chat room. You can benefit from certain advantages if you can encourage yourself to run during winter. Maintaining one’s training routine can be very challenging too. However, the tips mentioned below can help one train proficiently and safely during the winter period.



  1. Anticipate Soreness

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Whilst running during winter, runners pay much attention to their balance and stability. This can have an adverse effect on muscles that aren’t usually sore after running. Winter running requires the body of runners to work twice as much as they normally do. Professionals recommend concentrating on flexibility training before slowly easing oneself into the real running. Flexibility training can also be alternated with indoor treadmill exercise until the body is ready for higher demands.



2. Learn how to run against the wind


According to professionals, try to start your running routine by racing against the wind on the first half of the run and you would be glad you did so on your way back. The first half might be difficult as you would find yourself battling with the wind. However, it also implies that you do not get chilled by the wind after you might have been over sweating. No matter what direction you take, running in the snow is difficult but you can make it easier by following this tip. 



3. Wear the appropriate shoe

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A good running shoe is very important for running, especially when the surface is wet and slippery. The shoe should be waterproof and breathable in other to ensure your feet stay dry. 



4. Learn how to run on snow


This might sound funny. The truth be said, not everybody can run on snow. If you push your body beyond its limit, you might likely damage your muscles or something else. Your stabilizer muscles would work twice as hard on snow than on concrete. It is essential to practice running on snow and build up momentum gradually.



5. Protect your eyes by wearing a cap


Caps are not meant to be worn for summer alone. There are many great snow caps to improve one’s visibility during snow. There are many variations available for winter training. One can also wear a headband under the cap to keep snow out of one’s eye. This makes the run seamless.



6. Wear woolly socks to keep your feet warm

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Woolly socks with additional breathability avert shifting and slipping and help keep the calves and Achilles tendons. These socks work better than conventional socks.  They also help to keep the toes warm.



7. Ignore running at pace


During winter, running at pace is an endeavour that should be avoided as it doesn’t have any benefit. One’s body ends up working twice as hard as normal. It is better to concentrate on finishing safely.



8. Don’t forget to warm up


Before going out to run during winter, it is imperative to warm up your body indoors. Exercises such as walking high knees and jumping jack should be carried out. However, you don’t need to overstress yourself as you don’t want to be too tired before the actual running. The cold would have a negligible effect on your body if you warm up before running. 



9. Try to run in a group

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There is more fun in running in a group. If you cannot get a group, endeavour to get a running partner. This helps to improve your motivation and make the training session less stressful.



10. Freshen up after every run 


Try to take a shower and change into dry/warm clothes after every run. When you are warm, you can stretch your body without fear of catching a cold. Rehydration should not be ignored too. Though not noticeable, winter running dehydrates the body as much as summer running.







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The truth be said, running isn’t a straightforward task. Even professionals in the field attest to the fact that running can be really difficult. Obviously, the more you practice and the more adapted your body is the simpler running feels. In any case, no two runs are ever the same, and sometimes, it can be gruelling to cover a couple of miles. 

However, there are things you can do other than giving up and inviting friends to parties.  Parties should only be used to unwind after a race. When next you are feeling empty and consider giving up, consider these professional tips to make running a little less demanding. 


Slow down

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There’s no compelling reason to begin off by running seven-minute miles. Reduce your speed enough so you would be breathing as if you are simply strolling, and not huffing and puffing so much that your lungs hurt or you’re panting for breath. Avoid the intensive training and stick to a comfortable pace that would be easier for you. Slowing down will enable you to concentrate on proper running form, which can reduce normal running pain, and you’ll likewise have the capacity to take in the view or have the strength to talk with your exercise pal, all of which can really influence you to love going out for a run. As you build up your endurance, your speed will naturally improve, and you can start to introduce intensive regimes. 


Remain hydrated

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Try to continuously remain hydrated while you run. Ensure you take along a bottle of water for shorter runs, and make room for a sports drink in case you’re going for a long run.In other to avoid getting dehydrated, It is imperative to hydrate one’s  self after every 15 minutes. 

Dehydration is no child’s play as 2% dehydration of the body weight can cause fatigue and wreak havoc to a person’s physical form. Essentially, it makes running difficult. 


Try to get a running partner

While a few people like to run alone, for others a running pal can help make running a fun experience. A running partner additionally helps ensure you stick to your running schedule – regardless of the fact that you loathe it. One of the biggest merits of converting friends to running partners is that you both have extra time to hang out. As long as your partner keeps you motivated with your running regimen, pair up with them for a better experience. 

Take vitamins

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Running consistently can fatigue your body, and taking vitamins will help your body’s recuperation. Take a tablet in the morning with your breakfast to help keep up with your schedule. 


Make It Fun 

If you don’t look forward to you running regimen, it implies you aren’t doing something right. Learn new methods of making it fun either by taking along your best friend or dog and exploring new routes with them. You can also listen to your most loved songs or a book on tape, flaunt your new running gear, track your performance with a gadget or application.


Freshen up after every run 

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Try to take a shower and change into dry/warm clothes after every run. When you are warm, you can stretch your body without fear of catching a cold. Rehydration should not be ignored too. Though not noticeable, winter running dehydrates the body as much as summer running. 


Spilt up Your Runs 

Without a doubt, a seven-mile run can be particularly too hard on your body. Try to separate a seven mile run into a one-mile warm-up, five-mile run, and one-mile chill off. This would ensure you don’t feel totally jaded. 


Dress Comfortably 

Running is sufficiently hard without a piece of clothing causing inconceivable pain or injury to you. Set aside some time to look for quality and comfortable running kit that helps you to feel physically comfy.

Knowing More about Fad Diets and More

A fancy diet plan that promises drastic results in weight loss over a short span of time is called a fad diet. According to dieticians and doctors, this practice is not at all healthy and doesn’t offer permanent solution to the weight loss dilemma people these days go through.

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What to avoid?

It is best to avoid products and diet plans that promise you any of the following:

  • Plans and products that claims they can help you drastically lose weight in a rate of about 1 or 2 pounds/week
  • Claiming that it is possible to lose weight and stay in shape just by following the diet plan and consuming products and staying off the gym
  • Restrains you from eating food for a more balanced nutrition
  • Emphasizes on certain combinations of food. This is scientifically proven that eating certain kinds of food in a combination doesn’t promote weight loss
  • Base their claims and so called results on photographs showing the typical before and after scenario
  • Rely on endorsements from certain celebrity or existing clients for testimonials. Keep this in mind, they were offered money for their words

What to adopt?

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To lose those extra pounds, consult with your doctor for a more effective, permanent and long term diet plan. The following generic tips are to be followed daily to maintain your health as well as weight. Considering these can really prove to be beneficial for overall well-being. 

  • Don’t skip meals and always eat your breakfast
  • Keep your food choices and preferences wide. This will ensure you are meeting your daily nutrient requirements
  • Avoid trans fats and saturated fats altogether. Products made from hydrogenated oils such as baked goods. Go for the good fats such as the oily fishes from sea or fresh water sources
  • Consume less sugar and sugar containing food items. These will help you to maintain a contoured body as sugar causes flabby and saggy physique
  • Keep a check on the amount of calorific drinks such as cola, alcohol etc instead opt for fruit juices and keep yourself hydrated by drinking adequate amounts of water
  • Lead a more physically active way of life and workout sessions or a trip to the gym in your daily routine. This will promote a healthy heart, boost immunity by keeping the circulatory system fit.

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Concluding Remarks

These days, the massive advertisement campaigns and brand positioning of certain fad diet products are controlling the minds of the people. It has become a trend to opt for 

the more ‘zero’ size physique, especially to the women’s section of the society. They feel as if beauty lies in appearing slim and trimmed and for that they would often opt for anything and everything! The organizations that makes products for fad diet and also promotes the idea take advantage of this idea among the mass and position themselves and their products in the market despite the health risk factors involved. 

These are more appealing to the fast moving lifestyle of people these days as it offers quick results with ease without going through rigorous workout sessions and hard work. Scientific research has proven the fact that most of the body weight that is lost during a fad diet routine is from loss of body water and lean muscle content, not body fat! It is advised to have patience if you want to lose weight on a permanent scale and want to retain the same without damaging your health and weakening the immune system. T his can only be achieved if you opt for a healthy diet, and active lifestyle with the inclusion of regular exercise in the same. 

Balanced Diet For Health-Conscious Men

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What constitutes a balanced diet for men? The nutritional needs of men are different from the nutritional needs of women. They usually require a heavier meal and more calories compared to women. The difference is more or less 500 calories a day. Why do men need more calories than women? Men have more muscles and these muscles require them to burn 20% more even if they are doing absolutely nothing. 


Anyway, here are the basics on healthy eating for men and other tips on treading the healthy lifestyle. 


General Daily Guide on Reference Intake (Men)


Calories 2500

Protein 55g

Carbs 300g

Sugar 120g

Fat 95g

Healthy Oils 30g

Salt 6g


Nutritionists, dietitians and food experts agree that in a day, at least 30 grams of fiber must be consumed. There is no standard reference intake for fiber, though. 


Portion Sizes per Meal 

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Carbs – rice, pasta, bread, cereal, and potato (preferably whole grain and whole wheat)


A man needs to eat one serving of carbohydrates for every main meal and that’s three times a day. A rough estimate of one portion of carbs is your clenched fist. It shouldn’t be more than 1/4 of your plate. 


Proteins – fish, chicken, beef, pork, eggs, and tofu (preferably more fish like salmon and tuna)


One portion of protein is as big as the palm of your hand, regularly. It would be better to eat protein foods each main meal – one serving each for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are comments given by nutritionists that eating more protein each day, even more than the reference intake, is not a bad thing – as long as it is lean meat and not too overboard on the excess.


Cheese – preferably Feta, Sting cheese, Parmesan, Swiss and Cottage cheese


If you are to eat cheese, you can consume a serving once a day. Add it to your snack break or to the main meal. The portion for cheese is two thumb sizes and no more.


Nuts or Seeds – preferably pecans, pistachios, hazelnuts, almonds, cashews, macadamias, brazil nuts and walnuts


You can include a handful of nuts in your salad or eat it as is for your snack. The serving size is a “handful” which means your “cupped” hand. Also, it is recommended that these nuts are boiled, roasted or toasted without salt or less salt, if possible. Fried nuts are not that healthy.


Nut Butter – preferably almond butter, sunflower seed butter, peanut butter, and cashew butter


These nut/seed butter variants are very nutritous. You are required to eat at most three servings per day. One serving is as big as the tip of your thumb. 


Savoury treat


Of course, you can eat something savoury without feeling guilty. In a day, it is recommended to eat 2 “handfuls”. A handful is your cupped hand, by the way.


Baked products – preferably brownies 


You can only eat baked desserts like brownies for up to 2 finger sizes each day.


More Tips on Eating Right

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Now that you know the calorie limit, reference intake guide and portion sizes per food group, you can formulate a well-balanced meal on your own. Be sure to incorporate at least one cup of green leafy veggies or cruciferous veggies for lunch and dinner. 


For your breakfast, the favorite go-to food packed with protein to start your metabolism for the day right, are whole eggs. Eat five meals a day – breakfast, morning snack, lunch, mid-afternoon snack and dinner. 


If you want to add beverages to your meals, coffee or tea with minimal sweetener like brown sugar, honey or agave syrup, are good substitutes for sweetened drinks. Fruits are also necessary for the day and you can eat four to five servings of it; a serving is usually one piece – a medium-sized apple (as big as a baseball ball) or a 6-inch banana. For berries, one cup is the serving size. Water is very important and one must consume 8 glasses a day.


Seeking Help from Experts


You can always ask assistance from a certified nutritionist or a licensed dietitian to create an eating program for you which will cater to your body requirements and needs. More importantly, nourishing your physical health must also coincide with your mental health. You can talk about whatever topic or issue you like – your eating regimen, exercise routine, physical health, lifestyle, personal relationships, career, school, and everything else.


Depression And Suicide: What Runners Need To Know

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In an effort to save a life, I deemed it necessary to write this blog about runners who are depressed or have been experiencing bouts of depression. It’s been constantly nagging on my better conscience, more like poking me from behind and saying, “Hey. If by now you still can’t see that I’m real, well, it’s your untimely loss.” And it’s the truth. I literally lost my aunt (she was an avid jogger) to depression and, my office mate committed suicide last year due to this mental health illness, as well. He survived though and is still on the process of sorting himself out. My aunt, on the other hand, is in a mental health facility now. After her breakdown, she just lost her will to live.


Depression is a very powerful state of being. If you are weak enough on the inside and you let it conquer your mind, you will be its prisoner. I don’t mean this from a negative perspective. By golly, what I mean is that depression plays dirty and we must fight it head on. Once it stings you, it will linger there and find the exact opportunity on when it will strike as it continues to poison your mind.

Signs and Symptoms of Depression

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  1. Most people who are depressed often manifest feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. They think that their problems have no solutions anymore and sometimes, they deliberate on committing suicide so that the problems will end. Some also contemplate about death – how lovely it is to die because there is nothing to feel after dying. These are for some with extreme cases of depression.


2. A miserable person can be one of these two things – they don’t sleep much because their problems haunt them day and night or they sleep often so that they won’t have to face their problems. If they are awake, they need to address it and feel it. If they sleep often, they don’t have to deal with it right now.


3. They are often sad and extremely melancholic. Sometimes, their moods change and they become very angry, annoyed or agitated even. It’s a constant roller coaster of emotions for them and others have no idea on how interact or react.


4. Individuals who are have the disorder most likely cry on their own and when they are alone.


5. It can be that the person is very depressed and he eats all the time. Or he doesn’t want to eat at all. He can gain too much weight in a short span of time or lose pounds drastically because of their mental state.


6. They want to be isolated from everyone and be left alone. Dealing with nosy people who would ask them “Are you ok?” will add to their problems and so, they choose to be withdrawn.


7. These people have lost their will to live, their motivation to exist and often have no energy to move.


8. Their behavior can be very careless, at times, and some even try to end their lives because of the “darkness” they are experiencing.


With the symptoms above, it is almost a certainty that people with depression cannot function normally on a day to day basis. Their personal and work life will be very much affected and this is not how a healthy person must live. 


What to do when a friend or loved one says that they will commit suicide?


This is a very serious issue and it demands a serious action. Call 911 if your loved one is contemplating suicide and the person on the other line will assist you on what to do. Never leave the person alone until everything is pacified. Who knows what they might do when you turn your back. 

Running can help combat depression.

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Running is not an alternative to mental health support and treatment. It is just an avenue to combat depression from taking over at that specific time. What other runners who have depression issues do when they feel that the illness is creeping up on them is that they put on their running shoes on and start to walk. Some go to the park and jog for a bit. Others do long distance runs while they cry. It’s therapeutic. At the end of the brisk walk, jog and run, they feel better and the bad mood is kept at bay.


Therapy helps too.


There is no shame in seeking help for your mental health problems. You can always count on for a discreet interaction between a patient and his therapist. It can be an anonymous session which is very much possible since the therapist won’t force you for a face to face encounter. You can text, call, video chat or the regular online chat – whatever is most convenient for you. Know that you will always have someone to speak with regarding your worries in life, anytime and anywhere. 



Knowing about Advantages & Disadvantages of Dietary Supplement

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In most cases, one can meet all of their nutrient requirements by consuming a variety of food items and maintaining a balanced diet. Therefore, consuming those pills and powders can often prove to be more harmful than beneficial and can be detrimental to the overall health of the individual. Minerals and vitamins are essential components that the body needs to function, grow and repair properly. 

Those who do not meet the minimum daily nutrient requirements are advised by their doctors to include dietary supplements in their food habits. If the person is consistently depriving his/her body of the nutrients then the same could become prone to ailments and detrimental health conditions.There are two aspects of taking dietary supplements and both of them are discussed in the following section in detail.


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    1. Supplements act as an insurance which ensures that we meet our daily nutrient requirement even if we obtain them from the food we eat or not.
    2. Intake of dietary supplements on a regular basis adds to the layer of protection it offers to an individual from diseases. This is applicable to those who don’t lead an active lifestyle and mostly don’t even bother to opt for a healthy and balanced diet.
    3. Health and dietary supplements adds to the development and improvement of muscle strength, stamina and the overall performance of the body.
    4. There are certain treatments for some deteriorating health conditions where dietary supplements are combined with certain drugs for enhancing the overall capacity and effectiveness of the treatment.
    5. Folic acid pills or capsules are often consumed by pregnant women under the advice of their doctors as Folic acid is essential to minimize the risk of birth defects in the child. A daily dose of vitamin D supplement is advised to the women after delivery and also to the teenagers as it helps in the absorption of calcium in the body thereby providing protection from cases of osteoporosis in the later stages of their lives.




source: livestrong.com


  1. The major drawback one can point out if he/she ever opted for a dietary supplement is the outlandish price tags they often come with. Chalking out a properly balanced diet and preparing the same on a regular basis is a much more economic practice.
  2. Dietary or health supplements can often lead to adverse side effects if the content or the frequency of their consumption is not kept under check. If an excess amount of vitamin A is consumed, especially in the form of supplement, it ultimately leads to damaged liver, brittle bones, migraines and defects in birth.
  3. While taking dietary supplements, it is seen that mixing certain vitamins and minerals interferes with the way the body absorbs them in the gut. They can even interact with certain prescription medications and therefore hinder the prevention of certain medical conditions and symptoms. 
  4. There is a constant threat of an individual to overdose on dietary supplements. But the same cannot be said when it comes to food. One cannot simply overdose on food.
  5. Health and dietary supplements are not a healthy choice over food. For example, taking vitamin B – complex supplements may provide you with the many nutrients present in the legumes and whole grains, but then again the essential fibers and protein from the real grains is absent in the artificial pill.

Consumption of dietary or health supplements has both advantages as well as disadvantages. Therefore, to be on the safer side of the bridge, one should always consult with the doctor before opting for them and including the same in their diet plan.

Why are Trans Fats Bad for Your Health?

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Nutrition is a division of science that is known for a lot of disagreements, debate and difference in opinions. But one common fact that all doctors and nutritionists agree to is the harmful and downright toxic effects of Trans fats on the human health. It’s a matter of great relief that the consumption of this particular toxic fat has reduced to a minimal over the recent years, all thanks to the extensive research on this subject and adoption of the following results by the masses. But, to be precise, directly or indirectly, trans fats is still finding its way into the morning plate. The motive of writing this article is to simply highlight the ill effects of consuming Trans fats followed by how to avoid the same while you are shopping for groceries.

A brief definition of Trans Fats

Trans fatty acids or simply trans fats is a derivative of unsaturated fat. This is an artificial form of fat that is factory made and could be rarely found in nature. Trans fats are formed when vegetable oils are heated and hydrogen gas is made to pass through it. This in turn raises the melting point of the oil and therefore the oil starts to become viscous and ultimately turns solid.

Trans Fats and Heart Disease Risk

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Various clinical trials have been carried out in the recent years where volunteers were fed trans fats instead of carbohydrates and other healthy fats. Health risk factors that involved cardiovascular diseases, ailments of the circulatory system as well as carcinogenic properties of trans fats were the principle evaluation sectors that were stressed upon. After the trials, it was seen that there was a significant increase of LDL or the ‘bad’ cholesterol and reduced HDL or the ‘good’ cholesterol. In most of the cases, consumption of any form of fat tends to increase both the HDL and LDL form of cholesterols in the blood, but trans fats are an exception. Moreover, replacing carbohydrates with food items containing trans fats negatively impacts lipoproteins that on the long term can lead to heart attacks, blocked arteries and diseases of the circulatory system.

How to Avoid Trans Fats?

‘READ THE LABELS’, a simple yet effective way to avoid Trans fats if you are a lover of food items from the local grocery store. Avoid food items that has ‘hydrogenated’ or ‘partially hydrogenated’ ingredients printed on the product label. To be fair, this won’t be enough, as the best alternative is to avoid processed food items altogether.Opting for real dairy products like butter, cheese instead of margarine and coconut or olive oil for your salads instead of vegetable oils is the best alternative. Another effective way is to take some time out from your daily schedule and choose to cook your own food at home.


Source: akraworldhospital.com

Natural trans fats from animal products such as steak, pork etc are safe if taken in a limited amount, but no matter how small amount of artificially prepared trans fats such as margarine, or hydrogenated vegetable oils you consume, it is really bad for your overall health and heart. If an individual continues to include artificial trans fats in her/his diet, inflammation of the heart and arteries, resistance to insulin in case he or she is a diabetic and heart failure risks are unavoidable. Even though people these days are avoiding this harmful substance altogether, many ‘trans fats’ free products still available in the market contains the objectionable amounts of this harmful substance in them. The message one should take away from this article is that it is best to opt for home cooked meals instead of fast or junk food items from the neighbourhood diner.

Tips to improve your overall health

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Nutrition and food are two different areas in the scientific and research world. Anything we eat when we feel hungry is called food. It could be a fatty burger, a hotdog or a healthy bowl of fresh greens and fruits. Nutrition on the other hand is the molecules that we obtain from the food we eat, which is then utilized by our cells and for further process to produce glucose which is the driving force of the living world.To avoid premature aging, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, high blood pressure and cholesterol content in the blood, the following tips are formulated. If the same are followed with diligence, one can enjoy the fruits of life with good health and prosperity.

Stay away from fat

Fat is detrimental to both your circulatory system as well as the cardiovascular health of an individual. The same could be avoided by simply changing the way we cook our food. Grilled, baked, steamed and poached food items are considered to be the ones that is not only healthy, but also retains most of the beneficial nutrients that gets burnt or damaged during frying.

Get adequate sleep

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We regularly hear people suffering from insomnia or other sleep related problems. This is due to the way we lead our lives these days. Our workload and routine compel us to start taking caffeine and even sometimes the occasional glass of wine. To avoid staying up whole night like an owl, cutting down on such stimulants is an absolute necessity. Using the laptop, the tablet or watching TV before going to sleep can be harmful for your sleep cycles. Reading your favourite novel or listening to some soothing music is known to put people to sleep easily.

Keep a check on the salt intake

Sodium is a nutrient in its own, but if it is taken in an excess quantity, eventually it results in the contraction of the arteries and capillaries of the circulatory system thereby increasing the blood pressure.  Seasoning of your food is very important, but it is suggested that to do so using oregano, nutmeg, paprika etc. at a certain point, it can even come to this that you won’t feel like using salt at all!

Strengthen your bones

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The fitness enthusiasts and the outdoor activity lovers are suggested to have a diet plan that is rich in Vitamin D and calcium. Your everyday diet should consist of egg yolk, oily fishes, broccoliand the occasional sunbath to soak up the rays. This enables your body to synthesize vitamin D on its own. All in all, a healthy skeletal system and strong muscles is absolutely necessary to keep on hitting the gym and the tracks on a regular basis.

Laugh and make others laugh

We all know that laughing is a great exercise. It has been proven to boost the blood flow and cut down the risk of cardiovascular disease by a margin of 20%. Ailments such as asthma, hay fever, diabetes are known to be kept in check one includes fun and games in their daily lives. It can easily be concluded that, laughing not only keeps you physically fit and health, but also keeps the mental health of a person fit.

Eat your fruits

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Citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges, and grapefruits are good sources of vitamin C, a nutrient that helps in boosting the immune system of an individual.A daily intake of banana is essential if you want to provide your body with potassium which in turn is essential for regulating blood pressure.

Include garlic in the menu

Consuming garlic on a regular basis is beneficial for your health as it supports a healthy circulatory system and heart. Blood pressure as well as cholesterol control is made possible by consuming garlic regularly by including it in salads or any other raw form. It also boosts the immune system of the body which helps to ward off infections.

Keep yourself hydrated

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Since the human body is made up of about 70% water, maintaining that amount is crucial for keeping yourself healthy and immune to various diseases. A minimum of 8 glasses of water should be consumed on a daily basis. This promotes proper digestion of food, absorption of nutrients in the gut keeping the skin hydrated and also detoxification of the body naturally. 

Running is My Life

Daryl, “The Couch Potato.” My friends used to call me that when I haven’t discovered running yet. I used to sit on the couch all day long, watching movies, eating whatever my hand can reach. I had no social life. I was depressed and I was all alone. It was tough. I felt that I was slowly sinking into my couch (literally) every single day. 


Then one day, I happened to bump into this commercial about running. The first thought that came into my mind was, “Why the heck would I let myself run like that?” I just had no interest to do anything at all.

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Counting My Steps


I knew that my mom was very concerned with how I was acting so she gave me this pedometer. She told me that I should get up and try giving my new pedometer a tour. I started to enjoy walking, taking note of the steps that I accomplished every single day. Observing the improvements from my daily steps motivated me into thinking that I was more than this couch potato that everyone thought of me to be. This motivation fueled my passion to push myself further than just doing my daily walks. That’s how I started my running routines.


Running is a Saving Grace

Running improved my mood dramatically. Unlike before when I had no intention of living my life, I developed an appreciation to life and how amazing it is. From depression, I channelled my negative energy to be competitive in running. Every single day that I train, I want to do better and better.


Running also gives me a sense of freedom. I love how the wind moves with my pace while running. The air smells so good that it relaxes my mind. After every run, I notice that I can focus more and improve my memory. Most importantly, my self-esteem is higher than before. My confidence in myself continuously grows every time I hit a new record time or beat my current mileage. My overall mental health has improved dramatically by doing the one thing that I didn’t expect could help me.


Running Makes Me Look Good

I admit that I became addicted with running. The runner’s high that I feel every time I have a good run gives me so much energy that I can run one more mile. Because of this everyday training, my stamina improved dramatically. The obese body I had before was gone, as slowly and consistently I shed off all the excess weight. Now I have a stronger and leaner body that enables me to run faster and longer. Aside from that, running also contributes to the production of endorphins or the happy hormones in my body. This is why I always find a sense of happiness and enjoyment every time I run. As if I can’t let a day pass by without running.

Source: theodysseyonline.com

I am so thankful that I got into running. If not, I may be dead right now from depression, obesity and god knows what other complications. So what are you waiting for? Start walking daily and eventually, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of running.