Why You Need A Treadmill During Lockdown

My interest in running developed a few years ago when I watched the Olympic Games. All the runners seemed very determined to win the gold medal, although their exhaustion was also visible. As I watched the winners cross the finish line and shed happy tears, I could not help but feel encouraged to try running.

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In the beginning, I used to jog around the block with my dog. It made me notice the little details in the neighborhood that I had never seen while walking or driving. When I felt like my body could handle more, I decided to run at the park for an hour or so almost daily. Even now that it is already 2020, that’s what I have been doing. That is until my state has been locked down due to the coronavirus outbreak.

I am not the most sentimental or outgoing person in the world, but running is a significant part of my life. I have always thought that such a natural sport will never get hindered by anything. Unfortunately, the pandemic proves me wrong.

My mood only got better when I decided to buy a treadmill. It was the last thing I wanted to spend on in the past, considering I was allowed to go to the park before the coronavirus outbreak. At the time of writing this blog, however, there is still no concrete decision as to when the lockdown will end.

Here’s why you probably need a treadmill, too.

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You May Feel Tempted To Run Outdoors

The first reason why you should have a treadmill at home is that you must avoid the temptation to run outdoors. After doing it for years, I understand how enticing it may be to sneak out. It does not help to see some neighbors doing it and breaking the quarantine orders, either. Despite that, you should know better than to follow their lead.

Keep in mind that the only time you can be in public is when you need to get food or medical supplies. You should never be out there for any leisure activity. The more you use the treadmill, though, the more you may forget your desire to run at the park.

You Need To Exercise

A treadmill is a must-have during a lockdown because you need to exercise despite the stay-at-home orders from the government. The latter can never be used as an excuse to stay away from your fitness program. Your work or social life may have been set aside, but your body needs to be in the best condition. That is the only way for you to survive during this pandemic.

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Exercising is also essential because of the vast amount of unhealthy foods that you may be eating. I know a lot of people who continue to order meals from restaurants instead of making them at home. They claim that it is their way of helping businesses thrive, and that may be true. But no matter how much the restaurant owners advertise the healthiness of their products, staying on the couch day and night can push your body to transform sugars into fats soon.

You Can Save Money

Since a treadmill can ideally encourage you to stay in shape while locked down, you will be able to additional expenses afterward. I am talking about buying new clothes and better healthcare insurance, which you may need if you become obese. It is against the law to ditch wearing clothes just because they no longer fit you. At the same time, when you deal with this condition, it will not take long before other complications appear.

Final Thoughts

If I am honest, I have no idea if my treadmill will still be useful after the lockdown. I love outdoors so much; I will look for any excuse to be out there whenever I can. Despite that, a treadmill is a highly substantial investment right now, mainly if your lack of exercise affects your sanity.

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