Why Am I Still Not Losing Weight?

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There is a never-ending debate as to what type of diet will really give you that slim and slender body, toned abs and a consistent weight. From millions and millions of successful weight loss stories, different slimming products available in the market to a variety of fad diets, all of these inspire us to try and follow the same. However, our eagerness at the start of the weight loss regimen can sometimes lead us to more side effects rather gaining its advantage. Some of us suffer from a fluctuating yo-yo effect when it comes to weight management. We begin an exercise program, stick to it for a month, gets tired of doing it, then goes back to our usual activities again. This is because of the inconsistent approach and the steps that we are taking are all too hasty. Instead of a one-time-big-time kind of weight loss, it would be best to plan a diet and exercise program that will suit your lifestyle. Remember, you can not achieve the beautiful body that you’ve been dreaming in a month session of going to the gym. It takes a lot more than sweating it out.

Count the Calories

The most important factor to consider when it comes to successfully planning a weight loss management program is considering foods that you like and the activities that you enjoy. Ask yourself if there are ways for you to modify the diet that you currently take. A lot of us are so enticed with cakes, ice cream, sweets and fried food. Vegetables and fruits are always the last on our list. We don’t mind our food intake especially if we are in celebrations or feeling stressed. We consider food as our comfort zone and by eating, we are easily satisfied thus making us more relaxed and happy. We keep on doing this until it becomes a routine already, notwithstanding the reality that we are already gaining weight.

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Most of these choices are the culprit for a fast weight gain. The general and acceptable rule is NO STARVING! You do not need to deprive yourself of eating these foods you enjoy. You can probably eat these types of foods during your cheat day like once every week if you have been consistent the entire week with your diet and exercise. Another thing which is much better to practice is substituting your favorite food to healthier options such as using quinoa or cauliflower instead of rice, drinking lots of water before a meal, eating yogurt ice cream or vegan ice cream and cake, low-calorie meals. Add flax seeds or chia seeds to your yogurt. Nowadays, healthier and palatable choices are available in the market.

Move around

Another difficult and excruciating challenge is squeezing in exercises to your daily routine. The most common excuse we hear especially from working people is not having enough energy to do so. When it comes to exercise, a daily, consistent routine is very important. A 15-minute or 30-minute workout will already be very helpful to your health. Pick activities that you enjoy so you can still have fun while exercising such as biking or swimming. Another good thing to try is to check out fitness apps that you can download on your phone. These are cool apps that can guide you achieve a workout in the privacy of your home if you are ashamed of going to the gym.

Get some zees

Getting adequate sleep is another important key to achieving optimal health and wellness state. If you are able to get at least 8 hours of sleep a day and take power naps in between work you are investing in good health. Having a consistent routine when it comes to maintaining a good sleep pattern is also important.


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