Marathon Runners Attend The 2014 Detroit Marathon Symposium

Runners of the Detroit marathon took part in the 2014 Detroit Marathon Symposiumbefore their big run. It was organized to make sure everyone was familiar with what would happen in the course. Here are some of the things taken up in the symposium:


Compared to the past years, runners this year would be more hydrated since Boom Nutrition pledged sponsorship. In the previous marathons, hydration was only given out at Mile 16. However, this year, there would be two stops for this—Mile 9 and Mile 16. Such a boost of energy!

There would be a vast number of runners who would be wearing the colors blue and gold. The colors represent that they are running for a cause to raise around $1.5 million for water projects around the world.

Those wearing orange are running for World Vision. The money raised would be used for clean water initiatives in Africa. On the other hand, those running for Kensington Church would be wearing blue running shirts. They would raise money to build wells for the Pokot people in Kenya.

Because of the security issues in New York during the Boston Marathon, the organizers of the Detroit Marathon opted to operate under heightened security. Runners were reminded to use clear plastic bags as the carrier for the gears they would be bringing in the marathon. The police would also inspect other backpacks and duffel bags before entering the premises.

Call Time
Runners were expected to arrive at 5:30 am which was 90 minutes before the start of the race. For those who have cars with them, the parking lot would be open by 5 a.m., and all the streets covered by the marathon would be closed by 6 a.m. Hence, everyone should be early.


Track The Runner
If a friend is taking part in the marathon, anyone can keep tabs on them. Just download the Detroit Free Pass application to experience the said tracker.

The symposium readies every rider to the possible changes and reminders of the upcoming Detroit Marathon. Hence, if you are one of the participants, make sure to attend the said symposium to prepare yourself both physically and mentally.

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