Running With Your Psychiatrist

Tired of always going to the psychiatrist’s office for a session? There are various ways to deal with your therapy. With today’s advancements, you can choose where you are most comfortable while taking care of your mental health.


As the years pass by, we are introduced to different kinds of therapy such as counseling, creative therapy, psychodynamic therapy and even online therapy. More people day are active and concerned about their fitness. Hence, running as therapy was considered.


Running As A Therapy

According to a study, when a person is battling with depression, exercise may act as an antidepressant. In fact, in some countries such as the Netherlands and Australia, exercise is considered as a first-line treatment for depression. The changes in our brain structure and thinking process as an effect of physical activity is crucial.


Running is said to be good not only for our physical body but also for our mental health as well. For people battling with anxiety and depression, a consistent running routine can help boost their mental health. When we run, the body releases hormones that alleviate any stress that we are feeling.


Advantages Of Running Therapy

We see people around us running all the time. We are all familiar with the physical effects that regular running can bring into our body. However, there are mental health advantages which we can also gain from running.



  • It can lessen anxiety. As we run, we tend to not think about our worries even for a little while. A lot of people are into running because even just for an hour or so, they can forget their problems in life. Running can also make us feel relaxed.
  • It can reduce the risks of depression. Running is now viewed as a way to improve mental health. Digging deeper into it, it also considers changes in the brain and other states that are subjective, such as cognition and mood.
  • It protects the brain from aging. Interesting research from Time Magazine tackled which was better for the aging brain – brain games or physical exercise such as running. The result of the brain scans showed a less cognitive decline for older adults who were physically active.



Why You Should Consider Running With Your Psychiatrist


One trend today in running therapy is bringing your psychiatrist for a run. To experience something new and fresh, people are giving it a go. Instead of being seated in front of their psychiatrists in his or her office for hours, being outdoors, a change in scenery or environment might do the trick for them.


For people experiencing mental health issues, talking with their psychiatrist eye to eye might be an issue, and walking or running beside them may be a better idea. Providing a new avenue for sessions with your psychiatrist will open up more topics you haven’t thought of mentioning before. Little by little, this might help you in regaining your mental health.


If one type of therapy doesn’t work for you, then try the others. You may think that running is not for you, but you may be wrong. You might be surprised at the results you’ll get.

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