The art of running and its benefits


We must have taken swift steps at some points in our lives and while we did it just to hurry, there is an art to it that makes it beyond a form of exercise and turns it into a culture that becomes a way of life; which can be consistently scheduled and followed as a routine. Running has proven to not just be a form of sport for athletes but a form of exercise for people who decide to let go of their feet and sprint.

 Basically, running involves moving your body quickly as you move your legs swiftly; faster than when you walk. We can either run because we are being chased or we are chasing something, which can be in form of meeting up with a certain time limit or routine, it could also make strangers chat if they both follow the same path as part of their routine and this improves communication and social interaction. 

Brief facts about running


Running has proven to be of immense help to the health condition of people and has also helped to decrease the mortality rate. Running regularly reduces breast cancer by 25%, cataracts by 35%, gastric cancer by 50%, depression by 19% and serious heart attack by 50%. It burns twice the calories as walking per mile and you wouldn’t bother about having an intense work rate as short interval training is an excellent way to burn fat, sprinting for 8 seconds and then doing a slow run for 12 seconds in the span of 20 minutes can burn 5 times more fat than jogging for 40 minutes in uniform speed.

These are few of the amazing facts that running promises to offer and while it appears attractive, it is to be noted that running doesn’t solve all health issues, it just helps make life a lot easier, let us take a lot at some of the benefits of running as it influences life and communication.

Benefits of running




  1. It helps prevent cardiovascular diseases.


Running a total of 75 minutes each week can help prevent cardiovascular diseases to the minimum. When you run, your arteries expand and contract which keeps your arteries fit and helps your blood pressure be in a normal range. As a result, you are in a good position to have an occurrence of a serious heart attack significantly reduced.


2. It helps in weight control.


Running burns a lot of calories and thus results in maintaining or controlling your weight. It can also be used as a tool for weight loss as it places you on a schedule and helps you lose a considerable amount of weight. Though, it brings a restriction to the types of food eaten because you have to maintain your weight.


3. It helps relieve stress.


There’s a hormone that is increased in the brain while running. Serotonin makes the brain to be in a relaxed state and running increases the level present in the brain, so you just get your morale boosted after few minutes of running.


4. It helps prevent diseases.


Running goes beyond preventing heart diseases alone. It is a reliable help in the prevention of breast cancer in women and some other forms of cancer. People with diabetes too can rely on running to help them reduce their blood sugar, though it is more effective for those in the early stages. Running regularly also helps to boost the immune system which even makes the body strong enough to fight germs. 


5. It improves confidence.


The calmness that comes with running is enough to make you feel a sense of accomplishment when you see that the targets you set for yourself are being met and this boosts your confidence and belief in your ability and capacity.


6. It strengthens the body and mind.


Running influences some other parts of the body too; it results in increased bone density as a result of the stress that occurs in the bones and while this is on, the bones are filled with significant minerals that improve the physicality of the bones and results in strong legs.  This, in turn, increases stability and makes it possible to withstand more stress to the bones. Also, depression is reduced or eliminated as there’s a drive of energy flowing and running inside while running.

Running is a way of life or a form of exercise that influences the body and mind while also lifting our spirits. It is a form of exercise that doesn’t require a guide as long as you have a personal schedule. So, draw out a plan and set out to run because your health might depend on it.  


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