Tips to improve your overall health


Nutrition and food are two different areas in the scientific and research world. Anything we eat when we feel hungry is called food. It could be a fatty burger, a hotdog or a healthy bowl of fresh greens and fruits. Nutrition on the other hand is the molecules that we obtain from the food we eat, which is then utilized by our cells and for further process to produce glucose which is the driving force of the living world.To avoid premature aging, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, high blood pressure and cholesterol content in the blood, the following tips are formulated. If the same are followed with diligence, one can enjoy the fruits of life with good health and prosperity.

Stay away from fat

Fat is detrimental to both your circulatory system as well as the cardiovascular health of an individual. The same could be avoided by simply changing the way we cook our food. Grilled, baked, steamed and poached food items are considered to be the ones that is not only healthy, but also retains most of the beneficial nutrients that gets burnt or damaged during frying.

Get adequate sleep


We regularly hear people suffering from insomnia or other sleep related problems. This is due to the way we lead our lives these days. Our workload and routine compel us to start taking caffeine and even sometimes the occasional glass of wine. To avoid staying up whole night like an owl, cutting down on such stimulants is an absolute necessity. Using the laptop, the tablet or watching TV before going to sleep can be harmful for your sleep cycles. Reading your favourite novel or listening to some soothing music is known to put people to sleep easily.

Keep a check on the salt intake

Sodium is a nutrient in its own, but if it is taken in an excess quantity, eventually it results in the contraction of the arteries and capillaries of the circulatory system thereby increasing the blood pressure.  Seasoning of your food is very important, but it is suggested that to do so using oregano, nutmeg, paprika etc. at a certain point, it can even come to this that you won’t feel like using salt at all!

Strengthen your bones


The fitness enthusiasts and the outdoor activity lovers are suggested to have a diet plan that is rich in Vitamin D and calcium. Your everyday diet should consist of egg yolk, oily fishes, broccoliand the occasional sunbath to soak up the rays. This enables your body to synthesize vitamin D on its own. All in all, a healthy skeletal system and strong muscles is absolutely necessary to keep on hitting the gym and the tracks on a regular basis.

Laugh and make others laugh

We all know that laughing is a great exercise. It has been proven to boost the blood flow and cut down the risk of cardiovascular disease by a margin of 20%. Ailments such as asthma, hay fever, diabetes are known to be kept in check one includes fun and games in their daily lives. It can easily be concluded that, laughing not only keeps you physically fit and health, but also keeps the mental health of a person fit.

Eat your fruits


Citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges, and grapefruits are good sources of vitamin C, a nutrient that helps in boosting the immune system of an individual.A daily intake of banana is essential if you want to provide your body with potassium which in turn is essential for regulating blood pressure.

Include garlic in the menu

Consuming garlic on a regular basis is beneficial for your health as it supports a healthy circulatory system and heart. Blood pressure as well as cholesterol control is made possible by consuming garlic regularly by including it in salads or any other raw form. It also boosts the immune system of the body which helps to ward off infections.

Keep yourself hydrated


Since the human body is made up of about 70% water, maintaining that amount is crucial for keeping yourself healthy and immune to various diseases. A minimum of 8 glasses of water should be consumed on a daily basis. This promotes proper digestion of food, absorption of nutrients in the gut keeping the skin hydrated and also detoxification of the body naturally. 

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